Data enrichment

IIL‘s core business is providing the technical backbone for publicly and privately available data to be used at key customer decision points.

At quote, at application, at fulfilment and at claim. With a full range of data partners IIL has all bases covered for both consumer and commercial data.



Quote Intelligence

Applying leading edge data intelligence to historical and current quotations and applications, means that IIL is able to deploy social network analysis in real-time to provide a new range of innovative data solutions. Fraud prevention, high risk identifiers or even propensity for a consumer to shift brand loyalty are all available through the quote web platform.

Our most powerful data asset delivers real competitive advantage.


fraud prevention

Fraud platform

Identify potential fraudulent activity at quote or application through the IIL fraud platform.Deploy a multi-layered fraud defence strategy using leading third party tools and internal data sets. IIL‘s own fraud behaviour data identifies inconsistencies and misuse across a broad spectrum of industries.

Save operational time and cost, reduce fraud losses and improve the genuine customer’s experience.

Fraud and theft continues to be one of the largest challenges to the insurance, credit and retail spaces, whilst public sector fraud prevention continues to evolve using the latest tools available.


data hosting

Data hosting

IIL enables clients to realise the value of their business data. Deploying data at quote, in real-time to deliver competitive advantage quickly and easily.

Multiple data sources; data from internal legacy systems; affinity or other third party data; when combined with the most recent application data, provides the most comprehensive view of a customer ever.



With greater regulatory scrutiny, more and more customer interactions now need to evidence KYC and anti money laundering compliance checks.

IIL offers full sanctions, identity and address verification.Improved customer experience and reduced regulatory operational risks are achieved through simple deployment of benchmark ID&V solutions.


Rating platform

Designed for the Insurance sector, the IIL rating platform operates in real-time whilst also providing access to all of IIL‘s data resources.

The client-side tool set provides insurers with the ability to update pricing, carry out more complex tests and manage the insurance book more comprehensively.

“Putting control back into the hands of the insurers.”